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Green Feet


Green Feet is the environment committee for Uptown Saint John. Its a forward thinking committee thats working hard to make Uptown Saint John a greener place to work, live and play.
Since its creation, Green Feet has worked with community partners on several green activities, including an anti-idling project with ACAP, a tree-planting initiative with St. Malachy's High School, a waste management position with uptown stakeholders and the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) program with the Saint John Community Arts Funding Program.  Green Feet also promotes green activities in the uptown through its facebook page and membership e-mail list.  This includes the Marsh Creek Restoration Initiative, the Fundy Carbon Fund, the Marsh Creek Cleanup, Earth Hour and the City of Saint John's Sustainability Toolkit.
To find out more information on our current programs, join on us on our "Green Feet" facebook page.

To find out more about our current Bike Rack initiative here.

Green Feet Committee members:
Anne McShane, Julia Loveridge , Brenda MacCallum, Tania Boulos, David Duplisea, Sara Mudge, Shane Goguen, Crystal Colpitts, Dick Daigle, Matthew Lamont, Danny Jardine and Alwyn Soppitt